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Opportunity is what TI Fluid Systems offers. Employees at TI Fluid Systems enjoy working in a fast paced and challenging environment, where they can take ownership of projects and create solutions. We providing our employees with training opportunities in their chosen field (or other professional areas of interest) and the opportunity to develop their career and skill set in 28 countries across the globe. Our most successful employees are those that are interested in developing their skills, taking on challenges and are open to international experiences.

Fueled by success, TI Fluid Systems is a leader in the automotive industry, with award winning technology, a global footprint and a diversified customer base.   Should you join our team, you will find our core values in every facility, which are:

  • Customer Commitment
  • Focus on Performance
  • Communication
  • Best in Business
  • Pride in our People

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Job Title

  • Administration
  • Commercial
    Sales Analyst
    Marketing Analyst
  • Engineering - Application
    Engineer I
    Engineer II
  • Engineering - Production
    Manufacturing Process Engineer
  • Finance
    Audit Manager
    Financial Analyst II
  • Human Resources
    Jr. HR Assistant
    HR Generalist
  • Information Technology
    IT Programmer - HR Systems
    Systems Analyst I
  • Material Control
    Logistics Manager
  • Operations
    Plant Operations Manager - Medium
  • Program Management
    Program Manager II
    Senior Manager Program Management
  • Quality
    AQP Engineer
    Plant Quality Manager - Large
    Quality Specialist
    Supplier Quality Analyst
    Plant Quality Manager - Medium


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America
    United States


  • Buenos Aires
  • Cartersville, GA
  • Chennai
  • Chon Buri (FS)
  • Corporate Offices - Auburn Hills
  • Ligonier Plant
  • Marysville, MI
  • Mexico City
  • Nazelles
  • Ossian, IN
  • P68 Accumulators
  • Reynosa Plant 4
  • San Jose Campos
  • West Shanghai Jiading
  • Wyszkow

Job Title



Job Title Country Location, State
Manufacturing Process Engineer United States Marysville, MI View
Quality Specialist United States Cartersville, GA View
Logistics Manager Thailand Chon Buri (FS) View
Plant Quality Manager - Large Mexico Reynosa Plant 4 View
Marketing Analyst Brazil San Jose Campos View
Engineer II United States Corporate Offices - Auburn Hills View
AQP Engineer Mexico P68 Accumulators View
Plant Quality Manager - Medium United States Cartersville, GA View
Plant Operations Manager - Medium United States Cartersville, GA View
Sales Analyst United States Corporate Offices - Auburn Hills View
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