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Logistics Manager

East London Head Office South Africa


Position Description:

Manages, directs and coordinates material operations. Through subordinate planner/schedulers assures production objectives are met within cost and quality standards.

Responsibilities of Position:

1. Manage stock levels, delivery times and transport costs.

2. Evaluate performance and quality to plan improvements.

3. Allocate and manage staff resources according to changing needs.

4. Manage staff.

5. Liaise and negotiate with customers and suppliers

6. Analyse logistical problems and produce new solutions.

7. Work on new supply strategies.

8. Ensure supplies are delivered on time to provide uninterrupted production and shipment of finished goods.

9. Assist in the development of inventory budgets for the purpose of establishing acceptable inventory levels upon which performance can be measured and operating controls affected.

10. Provide guidance to plant personnel for the management of inventories at approved operating levels.

11. Develop procedures to handle engineering changes during the model year for the plant, suppliers and customer to provide for orderly transition in the floe of materials and production.

12. Develop procedures to handle changes in product in order to coordinate the changes in parts and materials within the plant system, with suppliers and with customer, to insure timely start-up of production.

Skill Requirements:

1. Safety set mind.

2. Customer orientation.

3. Lean knowledge.

4. ERP skills.

5. Automotive Web portal knowledge.

6. Available to travel.

7. Organized and self-motivated.

Experience Requirements:

1. Tier 1 Automotive Experience.

2. Leadership experience.

Licensing or Special Certification Requirements:

1. Valid driver’s license.

Physical Requirements:

1. Ability to work at a personal computer for extended periods of time.

Working Conditions:

1. Occasionally lifts and carries up to 25 pounds.

2. Some of work time is spent standing, walking, lifting and bending.

3. Works within an automotive components manufacturing office setting and may be exposed to heat, cold and fumes/chemicals.

Job Location Specific Requirements:

Purchasing and logistics manager based in East London. We are under pressure to place an affirmative action candidate, specifically an African female or male.


Bachelor Degree Required.

Job Application

Job Application