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CSM Manager

Jablonec nad Nisou Czech Republic


Responsibilities of Position:

1. Responsibility for overseeing and managing all CSM activities, training, and Kaizen exercises.

2. Assures the training/education of employees in the principles & techniques of CSM.

3. Organizes and maintains all plant wide records relating to CSM performances.

4. Take a leadership role in coordinating setup and implementation of new business in plant. This will include equipment layouts, material flow, and establishing manning requirements.

5. Support corporate training teams in CSM.

6. Development and implementation of continuous improvement in plant. The goals being to continually look for opportunities to increase floor density, reduce overall plant labor quotient, decrease inventory, and increase employee ownership in plant activities.

7. Continually evaluate training needs of CSM teams, coordinate and oversee training as needed.

8. Track plant?s goals and prepare monthly Q.O.S. reports for presentation at monthly meetings.

9. Assist teams in researching information, problem solving, and preparing recommendations and presentation.

10. Other duties as assigned by Plant Manager.

Skill Requirements:

1. Ability to understand and teach principles of CSM.

2. Ability to quantify activity results.

3. Analytical abilities.

4. Willingness and ability to travel extensively.

5. Excellent written and communication skills.

6. Project management experience.

7. Excellent organizational skills.

Experience Requirements:

1. Previous experience with ?kaizen? team exercises.

2. Formal training in Common Sense Manufacturing principles and techniques preferred.

3. Previous experience as a manager in a manufacturing environment preferred.

4. Must have attended CSM simulation.


High School education or equivalent.

Job Application

Job Application