Fuel Delivery Products

Product Information

TI Fluid Systems pumps and modules for gasoline, diesel and flex-fuel vehicles are designed for quiet, efficient, low-voltage performance and durability. We offer a comprehensive line of reliable pumps and modules designed to handle fuel-economy-enhancing high-pressure fuel systems.

Products include:

  • Pumps (brushed, brushless)
  • Modules (BISTA, CISTA)
  • Electronics controls
  • Additive dosing systems
  • Contact-resistive, noncontact piezo and sealed level sensors

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Product Highlights

Pumps – TI Fluid Systems fuel pumps with brush and brushless motors are available in multiple sizes and materials for gasoline, diesel and flex-fuel applications. With a comprehensive line of gear, screw and turbine available with brush or brushless configurations, TI Fluid Systems pumps are designed for reliable, efficient and quiet performance.

Dual-Channel Single Stage (DCSS) – TI Fluid Systems’ Automotive News PACE Award-winning fuel pump is a perfect example of this commitment to innovation. It features a thermoplastic impeller, aluminum anodized pumping chambers and integrated motor. A dual high-pressure design maintains velocity in the channel by splitting the flow between inner and outer paths, with the pumping sections working in parallel as opposed to in series, as is common in two-stage series pumps.

Modules – TI Fluid Systems fluid-delivery modules are designed to regulate system pressure, filter contamination, monitor fluid levels and temperature, and integrate easily into the vehicle assembly. We offer configurations for complete fluid-delivery modules for gasoline, diesel and flex-fuel applications, for both single or multipocket tanks. Permeation performance of TI Fluid Systems modules is compatible with the most stringent emission regulations, including Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEV).

New Brushless Fuel Delivery Module – features an integrated controller in the flange, higher fuel efficiency, improved reliability through the brushless design, a sealed level sensor and quiet operation during stop/start mode.

Diesel Additive Dosing Systems – TI Fluid Systems diesel-dosing systems include tanks, dosing units and electronic controls to allow vehicles to meet the most stringent emissions standards.

Electronics – TI Fluid Systems provides electronic controls designed to increase efficiency and reliability of fluid delivery and level control systems.

Contact-Resistive, Noncontact Piezo and Sealed Level Sensors – TI Fluid Systems’ highly accurate level sensors include contact-resistive sensors, noncontact piezo sensors, sealed level sensors and magnetically coupled sealed fuel sensors.

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