Thermal Products

Product Information

TI Fluid Systems Thermal Products are designed for lightweight, cost-effective, durable and efficient performance.

Our complete line of Thermal Product technology includes:

  • Thermal management technology for hybrid-electric vehicle battery packs
  • Climate Control tube and hose assemblies
  • Coaxial or tube-in-tube assemblies
  • Accumulators and receiver dryers
  • Heater and radiator hoses

Through the use of innovative materials and sizes, TI Fluid Systems Thermal Products reduce noise, boost efficiency and provide innovative solutions to meet the latest refrigerant regulations.

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Product Highlights

Climate Control Tube and Hose Assemblies – These innovative products are designed to reduce refrigerant volume in the system, permeation and overall weight while boosting efficiency. They also eliminate noise and are aided by quick connector technology for ease of assembly.

Coaxial Tubes – TI Fluid Systems produces co-tube or tube-in-tube Thermal Products with counterflow internal heat exchangers that increase performance while improving fuel economy. The coaxial tube designs can also be used for the thermal management of battery packs in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Plastic Thermal Systems for Lithium Ion Battery Packs – TI Fluid Systems’ new all-plastic thermal system provides a first-of-its-kind solution for engine fluid coolant thermal management of hybrid and fully electric vehicle lithium ion battery packs. The heating and cooling system offers a flexible solution that optimizes lithium ion battery packaging and assembly while reducing weight.

Accumulators and Receiver Dryers – TI Fluid Systems’ desiccation, filtration and noise-reduction devices complement our air-conditioning tube and hose assembly product lines. From stand-alone units with integrated hose connections in steel, welded aluminum or spin welding technology to integrated cartridges, TI Fluid Systems can support the most challenging applications.

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