Powertrain Products

Product Information

TI Fluid Systems develops and produces a wide range of Powertrain Products to meet the global industry megatrends of improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. Our growing product portfolio includes a range of innovative, highly valued technology for the rapidly growing Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and High-Pressure Diesel (HPD) segments, along with cooling and lubrication fluid systems for turbocharger systems.

Powertrain Products include:

  • Gasoline direct injection lines and rails
  • High-pressure diesel lines
  • Turbocharger cooling lines

Our state-of-the-art global technology centers have competencies and capabilities to ensure the highest levels of durability, performance, reliability and quality.

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Product Highlights

Gasoline Direct Injections (GDI) Lines and Rails – GDI powertrains are becoming commonplace around the world, and to meet the need, TI Fluid Systems has developed a new generation of GDI lines and rails that are able to withstand system pressure and environmental factors. The lines and rails are designed to fit challenging engine packaging requirements, meet high pressure levels and resist high levels of vibration and corrosion.

High-Pressure Diesel (HPD) Lines –TI Fluid Systems’ high-pressure diesel lines are designed to handle the extreme pressures of modern common rail diesel passenger car and large truck powertrains.

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