Fluid Carrying Systems

Built on nearly 100 years of experience, the TI Fluid Systems’ Fluid Carrying Systems Division designs and manufactures a wide-range of products designed to move fluid throughout the vehicle. Our systems are designed and manufactured to meet the complex assembly, design and performance challenges of today’s vehicles, using a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes in order to improve performance, maximize durability and optimize packaging and installation.

Brake & Fuel Lines and Bundles

TI Fluid Systems designs and manufactures fluid carrying systems that meet the complex assembly, design and performance challenges of the automotive industry. Our wide range of multilayer low-permeation plastic tubes, high-pressure steel double-wall and single-wall tubes, quick connectors and flexible lines is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the modern automotive industry and vehicle performance environment. TI Fluid Systems has developed specialty internal and external coatings designed to withstand corrosion, abrasion and other environmental hazards on all of its fluid carrying systems products.

Thermal Products

TI Fluid Systems’ Thermal Products are designed for lightweight, cost-effective, durable and efficient performance. Through the use of innovative materials and sizes, TI Fluid Systems’ Thermal Products reduce noise, boost efficiency and provide innovative solutions to meet the latest glycol formulations and refrigerant regulations.

Powertrain Products

TI Fluid Systems develops and produces a wide range of powertrain systems to meet the global industry megatrends of improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. Our growing product portfolio includes a range of innovative, highly valued technology for the rapidly growing Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and High-Pressure Diesel (HPD) segments, along with cooling and lubrication fluid systems for turbocharger systems.